Past Events

Pub Night at Green Timbers Pub

 We organized and hosted a Pub Night at the Green Timbers Pub! With the theme of supporting your favourite team, we raised $400 which went to the homeless shelter so they continue to provide for numerous homeless individuals. 

Clothing donations

Our volunteers gathered over 2500 pieces of clothing, much of which went straight to the residents of Hyland House and other homeless shelters. 

Intrapersonal Skill Development workshops

We hold 5 different workshops for the residents of various homeless shelters  which consisted of resume development, interview skills, computer literacy, physiotherapy and mental health. 

Heart and stroke foundation collaboration

Our team  at Unified 4 Change raised over $1000 in only 2 hours for the Heart and Stroke Foundation! Thanks you to our volunteers,  it wouldn't have been possible without you!

Prostate Cancer Canada

Thanks to all the U4C volunteers that came out to help raise awareness and money for Prostate Cancer Canada at the  Step-Up Challenge. Over $100,000 was raised! Great job Prostate Cancer Canada!

Sandwich Drive

Our annual Sandwich Drive. Our team made over 200 sandwiches over spring break! 

Current events

Annual Unified 4 chnage banquet

This year our goal is to support the underprivileged. We want to help a local shelter in our community, Surrey.
Join us in our fight against poverty and homelessness this winter.
Tickets will be $35 (includes entry and food).


Want to start your own initiative ? Juvo is set out to aid individuals that are seeking this opportunity. Grants up to $500, mentorship, promotion, workshops and outreach are just a few of the ways Juvo can help you achieve your goal.

How I Met Your Mother Trivia Night!

 Come join us for a night full of food, drinks, and laughs at The Pint as we rattle your brains about one of the greatest TV shows of all time. There will be multiple rounds of Trivia, with lots of giveaways and prizes! We will also have a 50/50 raffle!

Stay tuned for more information.